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Building Safety and Quality for Western Canadian Customers Since 2008

Milestone Scaffolding

Is an industry leader in providing efficient scaffolding solutions to large and small projects throughout Northern Alberta, with a specialty in Industrial Scaffolding.

Founded in Northern Alberta in 2008, Milestone has become a trusted partner for industry projects ranging from municipal to industrial and commercial applications.

Milestone’s philosophy

Towards construction is simple and effective: by bringing all project components into a single program, our professionals are able to effectively plan, allocate, and execute all project resources.

Providing a full range of services from project costing and design services to the delivery, erection, maintenance and dismantling of scaffolding for projects of any size at any type of site.

Our Services

Integrated Project Planning

Tailored scaffolding project solutions with dedicated project planning services designed to support your project’s unique needs

Scaffolding Erection , Maintenance & Dismantling

Scaffolding installation and dismantling services for projects, including scaffolding material delivery and pickup

Material Tracking + Management

Comprehensive resource management and inventory tracking at any stage of your project

Project Cost and Progress Tracking

Highly detailed progress and cost reporting for up-to-date information your project needs to finish on time and on budget

Core Services

Range of complementary services designed to ensure your project is handled and managed efficiently both onsite and offsite

How We Help

Our clients know they can rely on us to support and execute each aspect of a project with precision and quality. Below are only some of the main ways we deliver value for our clients:

  • Safety First — Prioritize the safety and wellbeing of staff, clients, and the properties where work is being completed
  • Quality Results — Benefit from world-class design and installation with unmatched quality
  • Custom Solutions — Receive tailored support for your project’s unique needs
  • Reduced Waste — Minimize your project’s environmental impact with accurate inventory tracking and resource management
  • Lower Costs — With better time and resource management, your project can stay on budget
  • Timely Updates — Make better decisions faster with our up-to-date progress reporting and project planning

Featured Projects

See below to explore our recent client project work.

Northwest Redwater Partnership

Redwater Sulphur Plant


Debottlenecking: Marshalling Yard

Suncor Energy

Pre-constructed SAGD well pair pads

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